n. & v.
1 a the number of points, goals, runs, etc., made by a player, side, etc., in some games. b the total number of points etc. at the end of a game (the score was five-nil). c the act of gaining esp. a goal (a superb score there!).
2 (pl. same or scores) twenty or a set of twenty.
3 (in pl.) a great many (scores of people arrived).
4 a a reason or motive (rejected on the score of absurdity). b topic, subject (no worries on that score).
5 Mus. a a usu. printed copy of a composition showing all the vocal and instrumental parts arranged one below the other. b the music composed for a film or play, esp. for a musical.
6 colloq. a a piece of good fortune. b the act or an instance of scoring off another person.
7 colloq. the state of affairs; the present situation (asked what the score was).
8 a notch, line, etc. cut or scratched into a surface.
9 a an amount due for payment. b a running account kept by marks against a customer's name.
10 Naut. a groove in a block or dead-eye to hold a rope.
1 tr. a win or gain (a goal, run, points, etc., or success etc.) (scored a century). b count for a score of (points in a game etc.) (a bull's-eye scores most points). c allot a score to (a competitor etc.). d make a record of (a point etc.).
2 intr. a make a score in a game (failed to score). b keep the tally of points, runs, etc. in a game.
3 tr. mark with notches, incisions, lines, etc.; slash; furrow (scored his name on the desk).
4 intr. secure an advantage by luck, cunning, etc. (that is where he scores).
5 tr. Mus. a orchestrate (a piece of music). b (usu. foll. by for) arrange for an instrument or instruments. c write the music for (a film, musical, etc.). d write out in a score.
6 tr. a (usu. foll. by up) mark (a total owed etc.) in a score (see sense 9b of n.). b (usu. foll. by against, to) enter (an item of debt to a customer).
7 intr. sl. a obtain drugs illegally. b (of a man) make a sexual conquest.
8 tr. (usu. foll. by against, to) mentally record (an offence etc.).
9 tr. US criticize (a person) severely.
Phrases and idioms:
keep score (or the score) register the score as it is made. know the score colloq. be aware of the essential facts. on the score of for the reason that; because of. on that score so far as that is concerned. score-book (or -card or -sheet) a book etc. prepared for entering esp. cricket scores in. score draw a draw in football in which goals are scored. score off (or score points off) colloq. humiliate, esp. verbally in repartee etc. score out draw a line through (words etc.). score under underline.
scorer n. scoring n. Mus.
Etymology: (n.) f. OE: sense 5 f. the line or bar drawn through all staves: (v.) partly f. ON skora f. ON skor notch, tally, twenty, f. Gmc: see SHEAR

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